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  • Iqlaa Equity Partners takes active part to attractive projects, managerially and/or financially

    • Our contacts and networks allow us to discover projects we want to participate in because we believe we can contribute positively and significantly to their development

    • First, we lead a detailed assessment of

      • Economic and financial aspects of the project
      • Competitive environment, advantages and disadvantages of the company
      • Strengths and weaknesses of the existing team or needs to fulfill
      • Risks the company is facing, and mitigation options

    • If the study confirms the project's potential, we bring together a group of investors that we invite to join us depending on their experience as shareholders or managers of entrepreneurial companies and whose success could meet an international dimension

    • Our strategy is to invest in equity in those companies and our philosophy is that of a professional shareholder, working alongside Top Managers, with a long-term view

    • Beyond financial resources, Iqlaa Equity Partners brings industry and financial expertise, and experience in strategic development, to take an active part in the project

  • Since its creation, Iqlaa Equity Partners has invested in three ventures

    • Idealy: a start-up incubator - minor shareholder, exit mid 2013

    • Neocto: a high-tech start-up developing a super-local, super-targeted, audio and video advertisement system - 50% owner, exit mid 2014

    • Verboven-Toys: a toy and hobby import/wholesale company created in 1939, active in Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and France - 100% owner

  • New investments are being assessed in various domains related to our existing participations and beyond

  • If you have promising ideas or projects, and you are looking for partners, contact us. We will discuss it with professionalism and fun

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